Scent Den Society is an olfactory platform with emphasis on the Craft and Materials of Incense making, with historical references and folklore.

Guests may sign up for one class, or a membership to access all classes, including a Materials List, Problem Solving page, and Addressing Special Materials.


"I alway I always always love the classes, they are so joyful... I discover new materials in your class and my incense is always so yummy in the end! It is special to be able to burn the creations I made in and through your classes.." - J. Winzelberg

"This course has awakened my senses and kindled my desire to make more incense! Persephenie is a gifted teacher and her style is very uplifting, befitting of the spirit of the incense and the ceremony attached to it." - Kat

"I learned the basics of incense making and some useful info about the materials we used. Persephenie has a deep knowledge of her art and I'm really thankful for this learning opportunity." - Elisa

The experience of crafting incense with Persephenie was incredibly informative. Her depth of knowledge is deep...." - Sharron

I adored this class . Persephenie was a fun and knowledgeable teacher. She made the class easy to follow but a wonderful base to work from . The wheels are turning as I plot my next incense project." - Francesca

Hello I'm Persephenie!

I’m an olfactory artist specializing in natural materials.

I opened my scent studio in Los Angeles in 2004, and I've been teaching scent related classes since 2006.

I developed Scent Den Society, an online platform, to offer a variety of incense classes and information to people around the world.